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New label logo started in October 2019.

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[OVERVIEW] ReAmbient Records is an independent record label, founded in 2015 by Yuji Kudo in Tokyo, Japan. Start full-scale activities from 2018. The current roster includes Relax Playlist, Solfeggio Lab, Bird Song Lounge and Ambient Film Music etc... It has a feature of having a high affinity for video and artwork. There is a tendency to creatively use digital technology. On the other hand, there are many works that the nature and landscape in the subject.

[Label Keywords] chillout, ambient, psybient, worldbeat, soundscape, sound collage, new age, electronica, house, dance, edm, solfeggio frequencies, hip hop, remix, binaural, asmr, downtempo, downbeat, trip hop, abstract, alternative, field recording, nature sound, sampling, relaxing, relaxation, healing, yoga, pilates, meditation, zen, calm, stress relief, spa, focus, work, study, sleep, therapy, mindfulness, salon, clinic, hospital, cafe, lounge music, background music, filming, movie, cinema, short film, education, wedding, advertising, commercial, spiritual, planetarium, hypnotism, magic, fortune, alpha wave, mindfulness, art installation, digital signage, mental treatment, detox, inner beauty, inner care, inner wellness, mental training, uplifting and more...